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Gumsaba is a healthy lifestyle brand designed to enlighten and inspire community through fitness.

Gumsaba Fitness

 Best of the Bay

Gumsaba has been repeatedly voted BEST BOOT CAMP and BEST FITNESS PROGRAM by diablo magazine readers since its founding in 2010.  Want to find out why? Come try a class

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on us, at any one of our 7 locations in Danville, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Moraga or Lafayette.

Gumsaba Fitness

Work Smarter!

Gumsaba owner, Coach Michelle, programs every  class with periodization training. This gives you an effective workout, without over training muscle groups.  She employs the

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most effective and fun training methods based on cutting edge science and backed up by her ongoing fitness training. Find out for yourself and try a FREE CLASS TODAY!


Gumsaba Boot Camp

Not a Gym!

Why spend MORE time inside? Get out of the GYM and into GUMSABA! Scientific studies show that outdoor exercise has positive effects on the human brain that indoor

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exercise does not. When you workout with Gumsaba, a portion of your membership fee helps pay for and maintain the parks and schools we rent for classes! How cool is that? Do you want to support your local school and parks and get a sweat on? TRY A CLASS FREE TODAY!

Gumsaba Boot Camp

Rain or Shine!

Gumsaba Outdoor Boot Camps are the hardest hour you will ever love! While there is cover provided at every location, being prepared for the great outdoors is a must in any season.

Gumsaba Boot Camp

Here for YOU!

Gumsaba is here to provide you with a platform for success. Aside from Boot Camp, we offer private training, small group and sport specific training as well as nutrition

A portion of your tuition goes to help maintain local schools and parks.



Sunrise Class | 5:30AM M/T/W/Th/F | Los Cerros Middle School

Sunrise Class | 5:30AM T/Th | San Ramon Valley High School


Sunrise Class | 6:00AM M/W/Th/F | Jaoquin Moraga Intermediate School

Sunshine Class | 8:15AM M/W/F | Moraga Commons Park


Sunshine Class | 9:00AM M/T/W/Th/F | Rudgear Park

Weekend Class | 8:30AM Sat | Rudgear Park



Sunrise Class | 6:00AM T/Th | Acalanes High School



Gumsaba Fitness




You are free to visit any location with your membership!

Will I lose weight?

Loosing weight takes a broad stroke of which fitness plays a large role. When you burn more energy than you eat, you will drop weight. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, so building muscle is a big factor in weight loss. This process is different for everyone. Should you need a helping hand on your journey, contact us for a nutrition consultation.

What can I expect?

If you are not working out heavily already, expect to be sore after your first few workouts. We do an even mix of strength, endurance and cardio training at every class. From strength training, to HIIT bouts to circuits and TRX, our program combines exercise science with awesome equipment and fun drills to keep your workouts dynamic, challenging and exciting. You should start noticing a difference in how you feel after the first week. After 3 weeks others will notice the change, and coupled with nutritious foods, you will see great results in 6-8 weeks of consistent attendance.

What do I bring?

You need a mat, and hex weights. As well, water and a towel are wise. Clothing must be weather appropriate. We recommend base layers, gloves and headwear in the winter and sunblock all summer long. You must sign our waiver to attend your first class.

Debbie Grauman

“I am a Gumsaba Boot Camp devotee, maybe even a groupie!  I’ve worked out for years, with and without trainers, have run the Boston marathon, done triathlons, you name it – I’ve tried it.  I’ve never found a more complete and comprehensive total body workout than that offered by Michelle and her boot camp program. She has found the recipe for the perfect mix of cardio, strength, weights and core training.

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I started out with the original boot camp owners, Tim and Liesbet, for whom Michelle originally worked.  The difference she brought as an instructor was immediately noticeable. Her eventual acquisition of the boot camp program was a benefit to all of her “campers”. I can’t believe that I look forward to getting out of bed at 5:00 am daily Monday through Friday to attend this outdoor class; rain, shine or freezing weather.  Her energy inspires me to push myself hard everyday and I can’t believe how much she can get me to do beyond that I had imagined.  She is inspirational, varies the workouts daily, makes them fun and creates a spirit of community where we all help each other achieve major milestones.  Michelle not only talks the talk, she can walk it as well – her fitness level is inspirational and amazing.  Not to be outdone, I’m in the best overall shape of my life in spite of being 15 + years older than her.  I’m fit, strong and confident.  This is echoed by the comments of my doctors (regular physician and chiropractor).  Come join us for an amazing workout and an even more amazing sunrise!” – Deb G.*

“GREAT experience, I’ve been doing this for about 3 months now and WOW! Never thought that getting up at 5am would be so rewarding! I feel great, thanks to Michelle, she always seem to push and encourage you to do more! And wonderful co-boot campers also!!! Recommend Gumsaba to anyone wanting to exercise and enjoy doing it!” – Sherry M.*

Tina Murphy

“I’ve tried just about every workout out there and none has compared to Gumsaba. The class is fun and motivating…..something I wouldn’t have said about any other workout. It is an amazing and addictive mix of cardio and strength training. It is something new and different each time so we never tire of the class. I can’t imagine ever going back to working out indoors. Being a working mom with two kids, the time I spend at Bootcamp

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is the daily recharge that I need!” – Tina M.*

*Results may vary from individual to individual

Read more testimonials here!

Meet our Coaches

  • http://hitwithpower.com

    Owner of Gumsaba / Program Director / CMES, CPT, SGX

    • ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist
    • ACE Certified Trainer
    • Gumsaba Head Instructor/CEO
    • Gumsaba Program Director
    • Wellness & Fitness Program Director at CytoSport/Muscle Milk Headquarters
    • 2016 Spartan SGX Certified Coach
    • TRX Level 2  Certification
    • ACE HIIT Training Certification
    • SCW Cardio Kickboxing Certification
    • SCW Certidied Yoga Level II Instructor
    • In-Trinity Certified Instructor
    • Certified Trigger Point Self Myofascial Release Instructor
    • SCW Primal Movement Specialist
    • SCW-SPRI Battle Ropes Certification
    • Kung Fu World Champion Kung Fu Fighter 2009
    • National Full Contact Kung Fu Champion 2001, 02, 09
    • 2nd Degree Kung Fu – Bok Fu Do Black Belt
    • 2016 Spartan Trifecta Tribe Member
    • 3X Tough Mudder Finisher
    • CPR/AED Certified
  • Coach Briana Personal Trainer

    Boot Camp Coach / CPT

    • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    • Certified TRX Instructor
    • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
    • Mobility Certified
    • CPR/AED Certified
    • Crossfit Regionals Competitor 2015, 2016
    • USA Level 1 Lifting Coach
  • gumsaba outdoor fitness

    Boot Camp Coach | CPT

    • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    • Gumsaba Certified Group Trainer
    • High School Football Coach
    • AAU Basketball Coach
    • Multi-sport athlete: football, basketball & tennis
    • Tough Mudder finisher
    • 2X Collegiate Intramural Flag Football Champion
    • Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, MMA Training Expert
    • CPR/AED Certified
  • Coach Jenty Personal Trainer

    Boot Camp Coach | PT 

    • Gumsaba Certified Trainer
    • Core Power Certified Yoga Instructor
    • Communications Degree, University of Colorado @Boulder
    • Currently studying to become a Meciacal Dietician – University of Alabama
    • CPR Certified
  • gumsaba east bay running club

    Boot Camp Coach | PT

    • Gumsaba Certified Instructor
    • 1st Degree Richard Lee Kung Fu Black Belt
    • Richard Lee Certified Black Belt Instructor
    • Tough Mudder Finisher
    • 3 time Half Marathon Finisher
    • LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    • CPR/AED certified
  • gumsaba summer yoga

    Gumsaba Hatha Yoga Instructor | MA

    • Gumsaba Yoga Instructor
    • Yoga Works Certified
    • M.A. Counseling Psychology JFK University
    • CPR/AED certified
  • gumsaba boot camp

    Boot Camp Coach | PT

    • Gumsaba Certified Instructor
    • B.S. Finance, Leads School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder
    • CPR/AED certified
    • PT Medical Assistant
    • Pending ACE Trainer certification
    • Sleepy Hollow Swim Team Board Representative 
    • Summited 10 of Colorado’s “14ers”
  • gumsaba outdoor fitness

    Boot Camp Coach | PT

    • Gumsaba Certified Instructor
    • Level 1 Crossfit Certified
    • B.A. Accounting Dixie State University
    • CPR/AED certified

Power Systems


Trigger Point

Get Results!
  • Greatly improved endurance and mental stamina

  • Self-empowerment and increased self-esteem

  • A reduction in body fat

  • An increase in muscle mass

  • Decrease in waist circumference

  • Lowered resting heart rate and improved metabolism

  • Increased energy and better sleep!

Our dynamic, fun and functional instruction will motivate you to achieve your goals. We keep our drills fresh and mix it up so won’t get bored or stuck in a rut. Our experienced trainers are constantly learning and udpating their certification so that we can help you to your fitness goals with the most efficient and up to date methods and equipment.

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Our athletic conditioning programs will give you a burst of energy throughout your day, give you better rest, and quite honestly give you bragging rights! Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, enhance your health, get ready for your big day, or fit into your favorite jeans again, we are ready to help you achieve your goal. It’s time to GO BIG TIME! GO GUMSABA! We encourage women and men of all fitness levels to try Gumsaba.
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Gumsaba is a community of healthy, vital, energetic people who love the outdoors. The confines of a gym are of no interest to us! Breathe the fresh air, meet fun people, see beautiful sunrises and enjoy tough drills that will give you a new lease on life.

Gumsaba coaches are trained to help you find the joy in fitness so you can keep it up for life. Our programs give you a platform to learn and grow and will continually challenge you to be your best. We encourage you to commit to yourself over any one else. Unlike the gym, we actually want you to come to class! Our individualized programs are designed so that you can work around any injuries you have and still get a killer workout in. Your instructor will help you modify and give you exercises to improve and rehab your injuries.

Classes are one hour long during morning hours.

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

Entering into a group fitness setting as a “newbie” can be terrifying and overwhelming. People moving at warp speed who ‘naturally’ know what is coming next; the strong sense of self worth and confidence they exude can seem untouchable and intimidating. Remember that these are skill sets they have earned, and once they were newbies too. With a consistent, committed effort to becoming better any newbie can ascend to great heights!

Just do it! Join that group class, and if you are already a part of a fitness community these are good reminders for you as well…

  1. Be ready. Come prepared with the equipment you need and a willingness to learn. Newbies should always make contact with the class program director before attending. Email or text ahead of time, and give a few days notice so they have time to asses your situation, make sure the program is right for you, and discuss your history with the Coach of the class.

  2. Arrive a few minutes early. Being late to a group fitness class is a bad idea. The warm up is essential to your injury free experience. The instructor has plans for the group and tardiness will break up the rhythm. #notcool

  3. Show up. When you commit to doing it, DO IT. Often times just getting there is the hardest part. No one ever regrets a great workout, but they definitely regret not showing up. No excuses! You say it, you do it.

  4. Check in. Check in with your body and express any soreness that concerns you to your Coach before class. Ask for modifications to exercises that aggravate any injury you are dealing with. If it is your first class, make sure the coach knows about your recent knee surgery or that nagging shoulder. Trust me, we want to know! A well prepared instructor will have modifications ready for you.

  5. Stay present. Chatting, checking text messages and making phone calls is distracting unsafe and unacceptable. Big things happen when we are present. Spend time with your body wisely instead of frittering it away on small thoughts or small talk.

  6. Stay positive. Lets be realistic….some days are not super fabulous! Life can be ROUGH. Sometimes a good plow through the workout is what we need, and sometimes moving slowly will create a balance that we didn’t know we needed. No matter what go to class. Life is an endless sea, an ebb, a flow. Try to ride it rather than fight it. There is always a reason to stay positive if you are looking for it.

  7. Accept where you’re at. If you haven’t worked out in a while, enter slowly so that you create proper movement patterns and quality motor skills. Faster is not always better. Give your body time to build the strength and stamina it needs to go faster without injury. A special caution to the sedentary athlete…the ’93 NCS playoffs were over 20 years ago. How time flies and yes, how things change. Please don’t recreate your touchdown sprint on the first day of class.

  8. Be cool. For those who have been in the class for years, remember how it felt to be the newbie. Be friendly and encouraging, smile and say hello. Introduce yourself before or after class and tell the newbie what you love about your class and how it felt when you were new. A few kind words can be extremely powerful and even life changing.

  9. Know your limits. Take breaks when needed. At an outdoor class, a seated or lying position on your mat or a short walk is appropriate. In a group yoga class, child’s pose or mountain pose is always acceptable. In a gym setting, exit with care and step out of the room for fresh air.

  10. Be patient. Change does not happen over night. Understand that your body and mind are going to need time to adjust to the rigors of a group setting. If weight loss is your goal, realize that exercise is but one piece of the whole health picture. Nutrition, hydration, rest and mental health will all need to be considered in your plan.

The benefits of group fitness are clearly remarkable. To be afraid is to be expected. Don’t let that fear stop you from getting your group fitness on. Use these tools, and you simply can’t go wrong.