Mobility & Stretching

Quad Roll

Tight quads or hip flexors? Pair this with Couch Stretch for relief! 

Plantar Release

For relief from aching feet

Soleus Release

For aching feet and lower legs

Soleus Upper Release

Back of Knee Pain, Calf Pain

Knee Pain Release

For knee pain

Hip Release

For relief from low back and hip pain

Piriformis Release

For relief from low back or hip pain, sciatica.

Gluteus Medius Release

For relief from tight low back and sore buns. 

Teres Major Release

For relief from shoulder and neck pain to reset rounded shoulders 

Chest Release

Resets Posture

Back Release

Resets Posture – helps with low back and neck pain

Deep Glute Stretch

For releif from low back and hip tension

Couch Stretch

For releif from tight hip flexors, also relieves low back tension

Oblique Trunk Stretch

Resets rib/hip relationship

Recovery Posture

For relief from back pain and to reset posture/relax