Gumsaba Fitness Programs

We offer Outdoor Fitness Classes for adults in Danville and Walnut Creek, Personal Training at our customized gym in Alamo and Self Defense Training for Women in Alamo.

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Outdoor Boot Camp Fitness

Danville and Walnut Creek, CA

This one hour, full-body outdoor group exercise class builds strength, stamina, endurance and GRIT! Workouts balance functional movement training and cardiovascular fitness for a variety of fitness levels. Men and Women 18+ are welcome. 

Gumsaba Custom Fitness

Training Gym in Alamo, CA

Semi Private Personal Training Programs by Coach Michelle

Customized programs created to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals. Whether you want to tone up, increase strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, decrease pain, or simply move better

Self Defense for Women by Women

Self Defense Training Gym for Women and Girls in Alamo, CA

Self Defense Basics | Off to College with Knowledge | Self Defense for Girls

We strive to empower women and girls to use their voice and physical power without reservation when confronted by a person who intends to harm them.

“I’ve tried just about every workout out there and none has compared to Gumsaba. The class is fun and motivating…..something I wouldn’t have said about any other workout. It is an amazing and addictive mix of cardio and strength training. It is something new and different each time so we never tire of the class. I can’t imagine ever going back to working out indoors. Being a working mom with two kids, the time I spend at Bootcamp is the daily recharge that I need!”

Tina M.

“I used to dread exercising, but now that I joined Gumsaba Boot Camp, I look forward to challenging and effective workouts.  Thanks to Gumsaba I have become a stronger rider and runner and have grown to truly enjoy exercising!”

Alma S.

“Michelle Brown and Gumsaba Boot Camp have given me my health back.  As a 61 year old, who never exercised, had high blood pressure, sciatica and was 50 lbs overweight, it was very intimidating to begin an exercise program like this.  Progress was much slower than I expected but through Michelle’s coaching and encouragement it has happened.  I have learned the value of core strength and flexibility.  I am stronger, 15 pound lighter, my flexibility has improved tremendously, pain from sciatica has greatly reduced (off the Motrin), my clothes fit better and I feel better.  I am better able to perform the physical tasks required at work and home.

My recommendation for Gumsaba’s program is very heartfelt and I encourage everyone to make this part of their routine.  I also encourage anyone, like me, who was so out of shape to embrace this program.

Thank you Michelle!”

Joan C.

“I thought I had a good understanding of training and nutrition until I joined Gumsaba Boot Camp.  Coach Michelle’s and her team are dedicated to their clients; it doesn’t start and end within your hour session. They take time to know your habits, nutrition and injuries to make sure you are receiving the best possible training for you.  Not only has my physique improved through Gumsaba but my over all well-being and quality of life as well.  I couldn’t be happier with the support from Coach Michelle and the Gumsaba Team!”

Katie S.

“Listen up, ladies: GUMSABA is awesome!  I had an amazing time as a GUMSABA boot camper and would encourage anyone to join.  The hour-long classes consist of high-impact, high-intensity strength training with cardio mixed in.  Every day is different, and Coach Michelle Brown does a fantastic job at making our work-outs fun, interesting, and challenging.  Michelle is a brilliant instructor — a dynamic, focused, motivating leader, and an all-around down-to-earth, fun, wonderful person.  She has a very natural and genuine way about her that makes her instantly relatable and much beloved by her boot campers.  

This is a fitness regiment made for women, by women, and it is designed to tone your muscles, improve core strength, and elevate your overall fitness level — all while having a total blast and enjoying the outdoors.  GUMSABA is about community, it’s about nature, it’s about health and fitness, it’s about strong women.  The work-outs will challenge you mightily, but won’t break your spirit or leave you limping.  (Additionally, Michelle can easily tailor exercises around individual needs, such as weak knees or prior injuries.)  GUMSABA is basically like working out with a personal trainer five days a week — that is the level of rigor and one-on-one attention you’ll get.

Having said that, it’s no surprise that I saw GREAT results after just one month with GUMSABA.  I became a fitter, stronger, and healthier version of myself, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.  But what was most meaningful to me about GUMSABA was the friendships and community that I experienced with my fellow boot campers.  The women were so friendly, encouraging, and helpful; they made me feel welcome from Day 1.  It was truly inspiring, and something I will carry with me for a long time.  I’ve since moved out of Contra Costa County, and I miss the women of GUMSABA often.  Overall, I found the experience to be very inspiring and rewarding on many levels, and would highly recommend GUMSABA to you.”

Lindsay R.

Gumsaba is a healthy lifestyle brand designed to cultivate and inspire community through fitness. We are changing the perception of fitness to help people discover optimal health.

Gumsaba is a Washoe Native American word denoting the biggest festival of the year, the harvest festival, and translates literally to “We’re gonna have a BIG TIME!”

Our goal is to help people in our community find the joy in consistent exercise so it becomes a part of their lives… for life!