Congratulations to all the 1000 club finishers!!!

All entries have been submitted and WOW did you ladies WORK. Put me to shame. 🙂

Please let me know if I left your name off any events, I think i got all of them with exception to Robin McDaniel whose file I could not open! Robin, I will post yours tomorrow once i get the numbers, promise.

Push Ups – Debbie Blumhardt, Robin McDaniel, Judy Blond, Stacy Roach, Debby Grauman, Jennifer Chamberlin, Karen Silverman, Kelly Sessions

Squats – Michelle Culver, Debbie Blumhardt, Lisa Wood, Debbie Forsberg, Debby Grauman, Judy Blond, Jennifer Chamberlin, Michelle Brown, Kelly Sessions, Stacy Roach

Leg Raises – Robin Mc Daniel, Debbie Blumhardt, Judy Blond, Kelly Sessions, Jennifer Chamberlin

Get Ups – Debbie Blumhardt

Navy Seal Ups – Debby Grauman, Taffeta Burr Lewis, Kelly Sessions

Jump Rope Skips – Lisa Wood, Dana Cornelious, Michelle Brown

Full Sit ups – Debbie Forsberg, Lisa Wood

Reverse Crunches – Jennifer Chamberlin

Knee Tucks – Lisa Wood

Row – Lisa Wood, Stacy Roach

Dead Lift – Stacy Roach

Tricep kickback – Lisa Wood

Wall Sit Bicep Curl– Stacy Roach, Kelly Sessions, Debby Grauman, Debbie Blumhardt

Knees To Elbows – Debby Grauman

Walking Lunges – Debbie Foresberg, Jennifer Chamberlin, Debbie Blumhardt

Straight Leg Sit Ups – Lisa Wood

Mindful Burpees – Michelle Brown

I will announce the winner next week as well as give all of you the little gift you so heartily earned.

🙂 Coach Michelle