As an ethical vegan, Thanksgiving is a tough holiday for me – I get so sad about the suffering that animals endure. I see so many humans take for granted the lives that are given, so for many years I was a bitter vegan! I realized that wasn’t going to change any hearts, and with all the cruelty free alternative Thanksgiving foods out there to be made and savored, I decided it was better to share the magic instead. Thanksgiving is a time for us to share our cooking skills and prepare wonderful food to help people better understand the delights of vegan living. This year I plan to make Miyokos Unbird AND the Unturkey (among other dishes) for our Very Vegan Thanksgiving Feast. These are some great cruelty free recipes you can try that will please all omnivores.



Vegan Nut Cheese Potatoes O’Gratin


The dinner for the Turkeys at Farm Sanctuary

If you feel a pull to give back to our feathered friends by sponsoring a living Turkey that was rescued from factory farms CLICK HERE and visit the amazing Farm Sanctuary website to donate.