Are there Boot Camp classes on holidays?

Check the Scheldule to see if classes are held on specific days.

Can I mix up classes?

Yes, you can attend different Gumsaba Boot Camp locations with your membership.

Can I bring a friend to class?

We welcome your friends to try Boot Camp FREE!

What drills can I expect at Boot Camp?

• Strength & Cardio endurance training
• Obstacle courses
• Circuit training
• Partner drills / group drills
• Interval training
• TRX training
• Core focused functional training
• Trigger Point myofascial release training

What do I bring to Boot Camp?

• Outdoor Mat (a yoga mat is ok, but it will feel thin against the pavement)
• Dumb Bells (women: 5-10lbs, men: 8-15 lbs)
• Water
• Towel for sweat
• Wear layers
• Sunblock, a hat & sunglasses in summer
• Hat and gloves in winter

What if it rains?

Classes run Rain or Shine!  Each location has a covered area.