Today we reviewed goals in class – a goal said out loud or written down is like the sculptors first strike at the marble – you cant hold back, you just have to get cracking!

Here are my personal goals for 2011; post yours in comments or send them to me.

1) Work out every day this year & record it in my exercise journal.
2) Get my 2nd degree black belt.
3) Produce my first Black Belt Student.
4) Run a 10K.
5) Help someone be vegan.
6) Publish our music.

Stacy R: Develop a stronger mind with meditation.

Deb G: Revive intellect with a class or lecture.

Michelle C: Run 2X a week outside of Boot Camp

Kristin: Look fantastic for High School Reunion!

Jen C: Be on time to Boot Camp, build more muscle, start swimming.

Deb F: Hike Halfdome and run a 10K

Kelly S: Lessen fat and build muscle, be at Boot Camp as much as possible

Jessica E: Lose fat and build muscle.

Liz T: Get strong enough to complete 25 perfect push ups,stretch 15 minutes everyday, Exercise at least 5 days per week, build strength to support my knees, build a solid running base of 6miles, try trail running, volunteer with my kids at Blue Star Moms, don’t let work bug me.

Judy B: Maintain fit weight

Lisa H: Run a warrior race!

Dana: Give up soda and make lattes at home instead of buying them out.

Courtney: boot camp 5 days a week, run 2 laps before every class, eat small portions

Wendy: boot camp 3-4 days a week

Traci: Keep diet consistently healthy, relearn piano

Sue: no alcohol on weekdays (except special events)

Jen F: Boot Camp 5 days a week, eat clean

Lisa W: Graduate with my masters degree in June, begin work on my book, begin each day acknowledging the divine spirit within

I was asked to chose for some people. What i did instead was think of what you need, narrow it down and let you choose. Pick one or more:

Workout at least 5 days a week even on vacation!
Give up Soda.
Dance at least once a day.
Run or walk a 10K or 1/2 marathon.
Volunteer for a beach clean up.
Stretch every day for 5 minutes.

Deb Mc Crory

Purge our house of clutter so I can breathe again.  Hopefully others will benefit from our donations

30 consecutive days of no desserts, bread, or alcohol.

Enjoy these photos from two of the last 2010 Gumsaba Boot Camps.

Love to you all, with wishes for an outstanding NEW YEAR!

🙂 Coach M