A recipe Chad and I have perfected over the years, the vegan breakfast sandwich! I don’t eat this every morning, about 2 times a week and after a hard workout. on other days i eat millet flakes and soy yogurt or just fruit.

Makes 2 sandwiches

You will need:

veganaise, scheesefakin bacon, food for life sprouted muffins, coconut spray oil, avocado,and i added a fresh piece of garden lettuce.

lightly spray a cast iron pan with the coconut oil and cook 3 slices  fakin bacon according to package wile you prep the rest.

toast the muffins

slice the scheeze paper thin, and put aside 2 slices for each muffin.

Spread 1/6 – 1/4  of avocado depending on size, on one side of each muffin, and 1 t of veganaise on the other.

cut each piece of the bacon in 1/2 so there are 6 3″ pieces. Put them across the avo and  place the scheese on top.

Garnish with garden lettuce.