Today I was asked, after stating that I’ve been vegan for nearly 20 years, how I get my calcium.  I have been vegan for so long that I really don’t think about that! Most people assume that the best source of calcium is dairy. Its simply not true, but its been sold to us as the best by some very powerful bodies, like the dairy council. All those athletes with milk mustaches wouldn’t just pose for the money, would they? Milk does a body good, right?

Many scientific studies show that milk actually depletes bones of calcium, and the human body is barely able to absorb the calcium in dairy….”Here’s how it happens. Like all animal protein, milk acidifies the body pH which in turn triggers a biological correction. You see, calcium is an excellent acid neutralizer and the biggest storage of calcium in the body is – you guessed it… in the bones. So the very same calcium that our bones need to stay strong is utilized to neutralize the acidifying effect of milk. Once calcium is pulled out of the bones, it leaves the body via the urine, so that the surprising net result after this is an actual calcium deficit.” click here for the source of this info


Milk may actually increase risk of fractures in older populations

Harvard nutrition

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Marcus eats his calcium right off the stalk! Collared Greens anyone?

Exercise is a critical part of your bone health. An active person who eats plenty of absorbable calcium in plant form has low calcium needs. Most adults need between 1000 and 1300 mg/day. Click here and scroll down for a list of veggies that contain lots of highly absorbable calcium.

Now, lets build some bones with a DIY! :) Coach Michelle

Bone Builder DIY!

Part 1: Warm Up

10 Leg Swings R 10/L

10 Wall Sit Hip Hinge

10 Heel Walk

10 Toe Walk

10 Alternating Walking Toy Soldiers

400M Jog


Part 2: Moving ROM – Perform 1X 

10 Backward walking lunges 

10 Arnold presses 

10 Push ups

20 Skaters.


10 Push ups

 20 Skaters.

10 Arnold Presses

20 Butt Kickers

20 Walking Lunge & Hammer Curl 



Part 3: AMRAP Intermission

Set 1: 10 Minutes & 10 each

Push Press

Stiff Leg Deadlift

Glute Bridge Hip Extensions + Pullover

HI Plank Cross Taps HP+XT

100M out & back

Set 2: 8 Minutes & 8 each

Sumo Hi Pull

Renegade Rows

Glute Bridge Hold + Fly


Shuttle Run

Set 3: 4 Minutes

4 Sprinter Starts R

4 Sprinter Starts L

4 Get ups

4 burpees

4 Jumping Jacks


Part 4: Tabata Topper 8R 20/10 alternate 4 of each exercise total.

Low Plank vs Bicycles


Part 5: Static Stretch

Pigeon R/L 30 seconds each

Half Split R/L 30 seconds each

Chest Stretch R/L 20 seconds each

Scap Stretch R/L 20 seconds each.



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