On June 30th I started a 28 day cleanse. As you all know, eating clean is a priority for me, heck, I’m vegan, right?

Well, vegans have vices too! You wouldn’t believe how unhealthy and unclean some vegan foods can be. With all the stress and time management challenges I’ve been under the past month, let’s just say I have developed some habits I’m ready to break. This cleanse has been tried by several Gumsaba campers, and after much research, I really do feel its the best way to get myself back on track. Its been two days so far, and I’m feeling great! Thinking about fuel as food is something I do when I am training for a fight, and so this cleanse feels natural to me. Maybe its because I’m taking a little time to think about myself and what I need, maybe its because I have been eating too much vegan junk and relying on habits that don’t work. Probably a little of both. I’ll be posting recipes that I think you might want to try, hopefully some clean eating masterpieces will come out of my kitchen this month.

I’ll be posting my progress weekly, my main goal here is to find a balance with my food so that I have sustained energy, and feel good about what I am putting in my body. After all, I only have one, right!?

At my first weight in yesterday, 6/30 these were my numbers:

Weight: 129

Fat Mass : 20.01

Fat Free Mass: 109.01 lbs

Total Body Water: 79.81lbs

Body Water: 61.87%

Though I’m not trying to lose weight, that may be a result. I’m cutting out snacking (I do snack healthy but a cup of cashews is a little overboard) and wine, so weight loss will most likely happen.

These are my photos from yesterday, see, I don’t have a 6 pack either! (yet) :)