Congrats Kimberly, you’re in the spotlight!

Kimberly is a “newbie” at boot camp starting back in October ’11. She has made incredible strides in the last 6 months;  a can do camper every step of the way. Her determination, commitment to changing her diet and hard work on her endurance and strength, have paid off. All that and her positive attitude won her the Gumsaba Body Transformation Challenge last month!

There is no magic to Kimberly’s success – the girl is pure killing it! She has changed her eating habits, puts in time running before Sunrise class, and pushes herself in boot camp 5 days a week. Since last fall, she has lost 20 pounds; in the Body Transformation Challenge her body fat dropped 3% in 6 weeks. And the bonus, I noticed she had on a couple nice pairs of  Lululemon pants. You go girl!

It takes a lot to earn a mat space at the Womens Only Sunrise Camp, no joke. Both Coach Lance and Coach Mike were astounded by the hardcore women in this class. Though Kimberly has only been with us 6 months at Sunrise Camp, she has earned her place through pure hard work. She’s a GUMSABA WOMAN all the way.




Way to go Kimberly, you are an inspiration to us all. WORK IT!