Hello Ladies

Lot’s going on with Gumsaba, we are scrambling to catch up with it all and we LOVE IT!

Morgan, Chad and I are working hard on the Grand Opening on 8/22 at the Womens Club in alamo.  This event is focused on bringing our community together to celebrate the vibrant health that is so important to our well being and our future. We hope you will all join in on the fun and games. This community event welcomes your family and friends as well as your small business promotion.  If you have a business and would like to promote it please let us know; any donations to our Womens Safety Alliance are tax deductible and will help us pay for the event and fund our WSA programs.

Click HERE to RSVP at our Official Website!


Our first official Trailblaze is the morning of our Grand Opening! Space limited 15 people and is open to Adult Men and Women. Please click here reserve a spot before 8/10. We will challenge this advanced trail, and take some great photos along the way, and at the top! There will be a stopping/resting point half way just before before the trail gets advanced. We welcome you to enjoy the view for the 45 minutes it takes for the rest of the group to get up to Eagle Rock and back to finish the hike down.

In class we have talked about naming stretches after some of the original Gumsaba Boot Campers. We will refer to them in class –  its just something fun to celebrate your hard work and the highlight great women who started it all.

Go Gumsaba!

:) Coach M

Horse stance stretch – Michelle

Overhead Hands Clasped Shoulder Stretch – Morgan

Crouch – Lisa

Pidgeon – Stacy

Lying Supine Quad Stretch  – Debbie

Childs Pose – Sue

Seated V stretch – Jennifer

Supine Hamstring Stretch – Robin

Runners Lunge – Courtney

Standing Bent Sway –  Taffeta

Standing Calf Stretch  – Dierdre

Standing Supported Hip Stretch  – Judy

Supine Seated Toe Touch – Laurie

Standing Overhead Stretch – Wendy

Standing Posture stretch lacing hands behind back – Jessica

Standing Back Stretch – Adrienne

Standing quad Stretch – Cat

Fortune Cookie – Tina

Supine Butterfly – Nan

Seated Butterfly – Kristin

Cross Step Hip Stretch hands laced overhead – Julie

Standing Low Back Stretch  – Megan

Supine Leg Extension  -Traci

Lying Fortune Cookie – Linda

Supine Bent Toe touch –  Mari

Down dog  – Katie

Plow – Michaela –

Cobra  – Maya