GUMSABA New Year Challenge 2022

The New Year is a great time to reset and recommit to what we really want out of this next trip around the sun, and out of life! At this point, it is crystal clear that the most valuable asset is good health. If there are some things holding you back from your healthiest you, now is the time for change!

Let’s do it together. Whether it’s fat loss, feeling better, eating healthier, or you just want to change it up, whatever your mission… you now have the opportunity to be accountable to me (and to the rest of the crew committed to the challenge!).

Here’s how it works:

Commit to three small goals that serve Your Healthiest You. While lofty goals our wonderful, they must be realistic, achievable and specific. I’m here to help you write your goals if needed  – scroll down for examples…

Challenge Time Frame: 1/3/22 – 1/31/22

Cost: $50

What you get: Accountability, individualized/goal specific feedback and information to help you succeed.

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Goal: Fat loss 
  1. Log everything I eat and drink into myfitnesspal
  2. Exercise at least five days per week for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Eliminate processed food and drink.
Goal: Feel better
  1. Eliminate sugar and alcohol for at least the duration of the challenge
  2. Meditate three times a week for at least 10 minutes
  3. Turn off electronics after 8 PM.
Goal: Healthier Lifestyle 
  1. Go meatless on Mondays.
  2. Meal prep five lunches on Sundays.
  3. Log food in myfitnesspal
Goal: Change it up
  1. Sign up for a free boot camp class
  2. Participate in Veganuary
  3. Spent 30 minutes per week on my mobility