GUMSABA New Year Challenge 2024

The New Year is a perfect time to asses our current situation, recommit to our life’s purpose and adjust our mindset to a fresh perspective. Now is the ideal time switch out what doesn’t really work, for what does.

Beyond the challenge…. While living perfectly clean isn’t possible for most people, getting closer is! Choosing goals that are realistic and specific will help. You don’t have to be perfect, just be better.

Let’s do this together. Whether it’s a clearer mindset, a change in physical health, or a big dream you want to accomplish, it’s time to eliminate what isn’t making your life more awesome. This is an opportunity to be held accountable for one month, and be part of a movement that is on the same path.

Here’s how it works:

Commit to three small goals that serve Your Healthiest You from 1/1 – 1/31. If you have a specific date that you know you will need to be “off the challenge” for whatever reason, or you can not start the challenge until a certain day, write the commitment as part of your goals. While lofty goals our wonderful, they must be realistic, achievable and specific.

I’m here to help you write your goals if needed  – scroll down for examples…

Cost: $45

What you get: An initial response email with individualized/goal specific feedback and information to help you succeed. Accountability. Weekly emails based on the common goals of the group. Access to ask me questions on how to face obstacles that arise.

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Some Examples – change them as you see fit, or completely write your own. 

Goal: Fat loss 
  1. Log everything I eat and drink into myfitnesspal
  2. Exercise at least five days per week for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Limit calorie intake based on my RMR . 
Goal: Feel better
  1. Eliminate sugar and/or alcohol
  2. Invest in an Oura ring to help understand my body better.
  3. Power down (turn off ALL electronics) at 8 PM.
Goal: Healthier Lifestyle 
  1. Meal prep five lunches on Sundays.
  2. Allow sugar and/or alcohol only on “my birthday” or whatever reason there is.
  3. Log food in myfitnesspal
Goal: Change it up
  1. Sign up for a free boot camp class
  2. Participate in Veganuary
  3. Spent 30 minutes per week on my mobility