Gumsaba COVID19 Policy*

Gumsaba Outdoor Boot Camp Covid Guidelines:

  • Both vaccinated and non vaccinated clients are welcome.
  • Abide by the 10’ rule when placing your mats and setting up.
  • Avoid crowding while arriving, leaving, and running.

Gumsaba Custom Fitness Guidelines:


  • Proof of full vaccination required to enter via QR code
  • Shoes must be cleaned or left at the gym.
  • Take belongings to your station.
  • Avoid excessive conversation when unmasked.
  • There is no late cancel fee for covid precautions. 
  • Read the COCO County mask policy HERE

Gumsaba Covid Exposure and Contraction guidelines:

  1. Please do not attend any class or gym session if you have flu-like symptoms. 
  2. If you are exposed to covid, do not come to class or gym for 14 days. Send negative test results to before returning. 
  3. If you contract covid, please email so that I can make sure anyone who may have been exposed is informed. You must isolate per CDC guidelines to stop the spread/variants. You will be credited for time missed at camp and no late cancels at the gym.. 
  4. Please send your QR proof of vaccination to
  5. Stop the variants from stopping us! GET YOUR 3rd shot. Walgreens in Danville is accepting walk ins if you are having trouble finding an appt at

*updated 12/6/2021