This one is a DOOZY! Happy Sweating!

The Sunrise class doing navy seal ups!


SET 1:

20 Push Press

20 Kettle Bell Swing Right

20 Kettle Bell Swing Left

Repeat 3X

Run 400M

SET 2:

10 Plank Up Downs

10 Navy Seal Ups

10 Burpees

Repeat 2X

Run  800M

SET 3:

10 V Crunch RT

10 V Crunch LT

10 Jackrabbits (if you dont know this do 30 bobbing squats with weights)

Repeat 3X

Run 400M

SET 4:

20 Rows

20 Flys

20 Wall Sit Bicep Curls

Repeat 2X

Run 800M

SET 5:

20 Double Toe Touch Leg Raise

20 Mermaid RT

20 Mermaid LT

Repeat 3X

RUN 400M