Hello Ladies

I am posting DIY workouts every day this week so that those of you who are away can come back without missing a beat!

If you were in class yesterday I am sure you are thinking of me when you move your arms! This workout has a lower body focus to give you a little rest up top. :)

Warm up with a walk or jumprope for 3 minutes. Then stretch out your hips, quads, calves and waist.

Do as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes:

10 Box jumps (or 20 step ups fast)

20 Walking Lunges try to touch back knee to ground (with back leg lifting before stepping)

10 Good Mornings  (standing Back extension, keep low back arched)

20 Korean Jumping Jacks (a total of 20, make sure you step back and slightly across)

10 Navy Seal Ups

20 Prisoner Squats (squat with hands behind head, lift knee in alternation)

10 Pairs of Knee Tucks (in high plank bring your knee to your opposite elbow)

Run 400 M

How many rounds did you do??? post below! The Cytosport Boot Camp class did this yesterday and the most rounds completed was 4 1/2.
Happy Saturday!!

:) Coach M