We are all feeling the effects of the drought, its sad to see lakes like Shasta looking so slim, and hear less of the froggies at night in the spring. 🙁 Whether you enjoy a green lawn, snow sports, keeping your car shiny and clean, or a long hot bath, it’s hitting all of us in more ways than one.

A mindful way of living is the best way to create conservation of any kind. Aside from EBMUD’s 7 simple steps, here are some other ways that you can save by creating less demand for products that over use water.

• The food we eat has a much more magnificent impact on water use. If we choose more foods that require less water like vegetables and fruits and less foods that require the most water, like meat, poultry and dairy will make a marked impact on the drought.  Tofu for example, uses 302 gal./lb, where as red meat uses a whopping 2000 gal./lb. So, just by switching out a meal or two in a week you are saving a heck of a lot of water!

• Hand washing dishes can save water…a faucet flows at a rate of about 2 gallons per minute, so we fill up the sink with soap and water and scrub, set them aside as we go, then rinse with a light trickle of water.

• Water your plants with the old dog water.

• Have a basket for not so dirty laundry. When you barely sweat in your workout clothes hang them on the side of the basket and wear them again. No socks or undies in this basket though!

• Have a bucket near the shower to catch water, and use that for boiling water.

• Boycott Nestle brands and other brands that take advantage of our water supply. 

shastaRemember when Shasta was a lake, not a creek? 

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