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Gumsaba Corporate Fitness WORKS. 

Depending on the location and the set up of the corporate facility, Gumsaba offers the following

Corporate Fitness and Wellness programs:

Strength Training – TRX  – Yoga – Interval Training Boot Camps – Cardio Kickboxing – Self Defense


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Workouts enhance employee performance and create camaraderie between coworkers. Fitness is a great break from the cubicle and gives your employees even more reasons to commit to your company mission!

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“I started your boot camp class about 2 ½ years ago. During that time I have slowly and continuously lost 25 lbs and took off several inches in the waistline. I feel better than I have in a long time and sleep better on a regular basis. If your classes were not provide by CytoSport, I probably would not be able to work out on any regular basis.

As far as the impact of your classes on employee wellness, the employees all feel a really sense of gratitude that the company provides this opportunity to improve their overall health. I truly believe that the employees in your classes are generally more effective since they feel more energized and sleep well. We are a high pace growth company in the Sport Nutrition business and it is important that our employees feel good to keep up with the demands of our business. Also, the training you have provided our supervisors that is used daily in our exercise warm-up program for the production line workers before each shift has made a huge difference in employee safety. We have had a history of muscle strain injuries and these have been reduced significantly in the last year. Total injuries in the plant have gone from 12 in 2012 to 4 in 2013. The overall long term health benefits of these classes can’t be easily measured, but I’m convinced that our health insurance costs have been and will continue to be positively impacted as a result of your classes.

Lastly, you are extremely good at what you do. You provide excellent positive motivation and yet continually push us to do more. This provides a great balance that keeps us wanting come back and reach new levels of fitness.

I would highly recommend your classes as a part of any company’s overall wellness program.”

– Dave Weber (Chief Operating Officer of Muscle Milk)

“I thought I had a good understanding of training and nutrition until I joined Gumsaba BC.  Coach Michelle’s and her team are dedicated to their clients; it doesn’t start and end within your hour session. They take time to know your habits, nutrition and injuries to make sure you are receiving the best possible training for you.  Not only has my physique improved through Gumsaba but my over all well-being and quality of life as well.  I couldn’t be happier with the support from Coach Michelle and the Gumsaba Team!”

– Katie Scott (CytoSport Boot Camp)

“Michelle Brown and Gumsaba Boot Camp have given me my health back.  As a 61 year old, who never exercised, had high blood pressure, sciatica and was 50 lbs overweight, it was very intimidating to begin an exercise program like this.  Progress was much slower than I expected but through Michelle’s coaching and encouragement it has happened.  I have learned the value of core strength and flexibility.  I am stronger, 15 pound lighter, my flexibility has improved tremendously, pain from sciatica has greatly reduced (off the Motrin), my clothes fit better and I feel better.  I am better able to perform the physical tasks required at work and home.

My recommendation for Gumsaba’s program is very heartfelt and I encourage everyone to make this part of their routine.  I also encourage anyone, like me, who was so out of shape to embrace this program.

Thank you Michelle!”

– Joan C. (Cytosport Boot Camp Lite)


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