Flavor Insights Friday Workout

FI  2/26/21 Full Body Recovery Friday


Part 1/2

Part 3


Part 1: Warm Up 

5 mins cardio of choice

Dynamic movement: 10 each

Shin Grabs

Calf Raise Arm Swings

Samson Stretches

Toy Soldiers


Butt Kickers 


Part 2: 4X

10 Seated Overhead Press

10 Swiss Ball Chest Flys

10 Bent Over Rows

10 Glute Bridge Hold with Skull Crushers

5 Press Ups


Part 4: 3X

10e Cable Torso Rotations

10e Side Lying V Crunch

20 Supine Alternating Heel touches 

20 Alternating Low Plank Knee Tucks

1 minute cardio


Part 5: Stretch

Runners Lunge

Half Split

T Spine Twist

Standing Chest Stretch (hand on wall)

Standing deltoid stretch