Choice. It can be your best friend, or your worst enemy! There are 3 components in any situation that decide the outcome. Our thoughts, our personal emotions in response to our thoughts, and our outward reaction to the emotion we have. Think of these as crossroads. The more we practice paying attention to what we are thinking, how we feel about what we are thinking, and how we act on those feelings, the more control we gain over our outcomes. We choose our path.

Each choice we make directly effects our future. From the food we choose to eat, to the people we surround ourselves with, to what we do with our bodies, etc, choices add up and create the story of our lives. Clearly it is important for us to make choices that lead us in the direction of a healthy, long and fulfilling life.

Exercise is a great way to practice making better choices. It literally changes our physiology to create a healthier, more capable body. On the other hand, when we choose to ignore the need for our body to move, we will eventually have trouble executing the simple activities of daily living. This decreases our quality of life. Instead, choose to move today, rather than look back and think that you could have done something so simple to make your life more fulfilling.

Once we get into the habit of exercising, our practice becomes maintenance and growth. We become capable of doing more. A good trainer or well planned program like Gumsaba can help you move to the next level without injury, while challenging your mind, body and spirit to build tenacity. This trait is one of the greatest benefits that exercise provides! Life can throw some nasty unexpected blows.

Look, everyone thinks of giving up on their goals once in a while. The difference between those that succeed and accomplish their goals and those that throw in the towel and give up, are the choices they make with every thought enters their mind. When things get hard, as they do when we exercise, they immediately FOCUS on the positive. They SEEK it. They may be tired, and yes, a thought of giving up may occur, yet somehow they press on in the face of adversity. Each time they choose counter a negative thought with a positive emotion, it fuels their fire. Eventually the fire of positivity burns so bright that any little negative thought that might occur in their mind is incinerated. This is the simple power of CHOICE.

When we choose to counter our negative thoughts with positive emotions, we increase our capability to handle pain and our perspective begins to shift. We win. It is empowering and incredibly awesome to realize that we are the master of our outcomes. No one can tell us what we can or can not do. It is ALL up to US. The greatest part is that this is contagious. We light a fire within others when they see that positive is possible, even in the darkest times. This is my hope for all of my clients, for you. May you believe that you can choose better, and may your fire burn so bright that others are lit with the enthusiasm of positivity and the power of choice!

To your healthy, long and fulfilling life,

Coach Michelle

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