Get ready to PLAY  –  IT’S FRIDAY!

Part 1a:

Agility tennis ball drills

Partner up: each person gets a tennis ball

10 squat and toss left to left, 10 right to right

10 squat and toss left to right, 10 right to left.

each ball dropped = 3 burpees

do accumulated burpees together after all variations are done once, then 200 M Jog.

Part 1b:

Partners get a med ball between them 20 seconds of work, 5 second rest/switch feet

Squat and toss

Hay bailer toss R foot back

Hay bailer L foot back

Mountain Climber

2 rounds


Part 2: NO PARTNER strength 30 seconds work/10 rest and switch

Long Arm Sit up

Glute bridge Lat splitter

Standing Tricep Press


Sumo Hi pull

Curl Overhead Press

2 rounds

Part 3: Amrap 8 minute hill interval