There is no cell, tissue, muscle, bone or neurological function in the body that does not benefit from sleep. You all know the perks of exercise and eating well, because you are living it each and everyday; exercising regularly and refueling your bodies with whole, nutrient-dense food.

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Well, what about sleep? Where does that fall on your list of priorities? Are you adamant about getting a full 8 hours each night? Or, do you put it on the back burner, telling yourself sleep is for suckers? Well, if you’re trying to skimp on sleep, let me just tell ya’ sleep is not optional. It is nonnegotiable. It is required! You can bust your bums at bootcamp and fill your bellies with fruits and veggies to your heart’s content. But, if don’t get your Zs your bodies and minds are missing out on rest that is vital for proper functioning and health. I know, I know. I sound like a nag. It’s only because I care about each of you. Sadly, sleep is underrated in our society and it’s slowly falling by the wayside as we try to fit more and more into our day.

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 We should all be sleeping like our fur babies do…

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So, what’s the big whoop? What’s so great about a restful night’s sleep?

The BENEFITS OF SLEEP are countless. Just to name a few, sleep…

  • Enhances your learning capacity – during sleep, you’re forming new pathways to help you learn and remember information
  • Inspires creativity – when your mind is rested your creative juices flow
  • Balances emotional well-being – adequate sleep boosts mood and reduces the risk of depression
  • Refreshes cardiovascular health – sleep heals and repairs your heart and blood vessels
  • Regulates metabolic processes – studies show the “circadian clock system plays a fundamental role in energy metabolism at both the behavioral and molecular levels”
  • Boosts immune system – According to WebMD, people who get seven or less hours of sleep a are almost three times as likely to get sick as the people who got at least eight hours of sleep a night
  • Lessens chronic pain – research has found that getting good sleep can supplement medication for pain
  • Lowers risk of injury – when you’re rested you’re less clumsy and more aware
  • Better weight control – better rest means more energy for exercise
  • Clearer thinking – when you sleep you’re on your a-game…no fuzzy, confused thinking
  • Sharper memory – while we sleep, our brains process and consolidate our memories from the day

Now are you ready for a good snooze?! Well, if you’re as excited about sleep as I am check out this National Geographic Special.

And, if you’re having trouble getting your Zs here are some great SLEEPING TIPS & TRICKS from the National Sleep Foundation.

To your heath!

Coach Jentry

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