All 24 spots are full! I am creating a list of reserves so that if anyone on this list backs out you may still have a chance! Comment below to be reserve enlisted!

Gumsaba has entered the lottery for 24 people to hike half dome on 9/20/14. We have the following 24 spaces reserved and can take up to 24 hopefulls. We will be camping the nights of 9/19 and 9/20, and head back Sunday 9/21. We need to make reservations for the campsites so  let us know if you are in ASAP.

We only have 6 spaces left. Please email with the names of those you would like to bring. First come,  first serve!


Michelle B.
Chad J.
Allen P.
Wendy C.
Joani W.
Tom W.
Debbie F.
Jacob F.
Amy L.
Deirdre C.
Tara C.
Sue S.
Mari W.
Yvonne M.
Deb G.
Janine P.
Jim R.
Tina B. + 1 tentative
Ricci J.
Daryl J.
Kim C.
Barb B.
Debbie M.