This 7 week challenge will carry you into the holidays in great physical and mental shape. Challenge yourself, win or loose to do something extraordinary and Go totally GUMSABA!

  • Class Attendance: 350 possible (10 points each class)
  • Completed  Food and Drink Log: 200 points Based on completion and does not get scored.
  • Completed Exercise Log: 200 points possible Possible 4 points per day for activities outside of boot camp like Trailblaze, Running, Hiking, Walking, Golfing, Tennis ect.
  • 100% attendance: 100 points
  • Goal Accomplishment: 150 points

Pick one thing you want to accomplish during this time and do it.

This goal can be personal, nutritional, spiritual – anything that takes you out of your  comfort zone and gives you fresh perspective. Just one catch, be it selfless  or selfish, it has to be a positive goal. The more you challenge yourself, the higher  you will score. Possible/maximum 150 points will be given. (I will decide how many  points will be allotted to your goals once you set them).

Goal ideas:
Volunteer at a Food Shelter 150 points
Adopt a pet 150 points Run a race 100 points
Take a healthy cooking class 100
Get a grocery tour at Whole Foods 50
Stretch for 10 minutes every day 50
Be sugar Free 25 points
Be Caffeine free 25
Be Gluten free 25
Be alcohol free 25
Be soda pop free  25
Be cookie free 25
Throw away the Halloween candy! 25
10 Take your kids on a hike 10 points

The woman who scores the highest will receive the grand prize:


  • A FREE month of Gümsaba Boot Camp.
  • 2 Free Passes to Trailblaze.
  • An ALL NEW Gumsaba fashion tee shirt.
  • $100 gift card to Sports Basement.
  • A Gumsaba license plate frame.
  • A brand new mat!
  • A trigger Point ball and CD

Click here to sign up and make a commitment to bettering yourself this holiday season. Upon signing up you will receive an electronic food and exercise log to be turned in 12/17/10 and confirmation.