Everyone has great days, and not so great days, but not everyone deals with those two days the same. Some will be in a “bad mood” on a bad day, some will let that day ruin other days and even ruin other people’s day.  So, what does the word happiness mean to you? Do you associate it with a place, a time, a person or a thing? What really makes you happy and why? These are hard questions that most answer too quickly.


Living in todays world we are bombarded with notions of what should and will make us happy. It seems like everything is a sales pitch. It’s confusing and hard to separate what we really need from what we want, and finally what brings us contentment in our hearts and minds. Peace of mind, contentment, what we know as “happiness”, is a really special thing. It does not exist in a moment, or a place, or another person, it exists inside of us. It is in knowing that right now, everything is as it should be because we have done our best and done what is right both morally and circumstantially.  It is a gift we then can give to others in the form of kindness, generosity, life and love.


Contentment or “happiness” is an abstract thing and it is something that everyone can attain if they are willing to make sacrifices. Sacrifice for happiness, you say? YES. SACRIFICE. Sacrifice the easy road for the hard one, the easy choice for the one that you know will bring growth. Let’s put it this way. Its much harder to let a bad day happen and be “okay” with it then it is to dwell on it and feel sorry for ourselves (then go eat a pint of ice cream!).

Next time something “bad” happens, lets decide to sacrifice our pitty party and look on the bright side instead. Let’s step back and ask ourselves how bad things really are in our lives. Let’s ask ourselves what we can be thankful for rather than what pisses us off! A simple step back can help us see what is really happening and allow us the space to forgive, breathe and become stronger. 




Gumsaba Boot Camp Class schedule Wednesday 8/7/13:


5:30AM Sunrise Danville Womens only class – Coach Michelle & Sarah – Circuit & AMRAP


6AM Sunup Moraga Womens only Class – Coach Briana – TRX Partner Drill


8:15AM Sunrise Moraga Womens only Class – Coach Briana – Strength Training Triplets


9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens only class – Coach Michelle – Circuit & AMRAP


11AM Cytosport Co-ed boot camp lite Benicia – Coach Michelle (private class) TRX Suspension Partner Drill


12PM Cytosport Co-ed boot camp Benicia – Coach Michelle (private class) TRX Suspension Partner Drill