Now I admit, home made food is rarely ALL of the above, but last night I had a culinary a discovery that put a big little dent in that theory!  I picked  the elephant garlic, leek, all the greens and brocollini just a few minutes before I made the dish, so I am sure that helped it taste so wonderfully fresh. We are still reaping the benefits of our winter garden.

Awesome green veggie stir fry!

2 tsp toasted sesame oil.

1 clove elephant garlic

1″ of a leek, sliced thin.

3 large collared green leaves, (some like stems cut out, I leave them in)

3 large japanese cabbage leaves chopped

2 cups baby broccolini cut into pieces 2-3″

Toasted Sesame and Nori Seasoning found at japanese stores or at whole foods.

1 tsp rice vinegar

Heat the sesame oil in a copper skillet or stir fry pan on medium high. Add garlic and leeks, stir continuously for 2 minutes.

Add the broccolini in and toss constantly for 2 minutes. Add the greens and Seasoning, continue to toss for a final 2 minutes.

Remove from burner and place it in a bowl. Add the rice vinegar (i suppose you could use lemon??) and toss with a fork…or chopsticks and enjoy.