Congratulations to Alma S. of the Walnut Creek camps for her over the top effort in winning the Gümsaba Holiday Challenge for Charity!  This was no easy task as she had some pretty stiff competition. This challenge was not about losing weight, or working out really hard, it was about getting back to what really matters in life.

All of the amazing people that participated in this challenge deserve due credit; it was a true honor to bear witness to the triumphs that you all endured! Joelyn S. put in an amazing effort coming in second place, and Katherine M did a fantastic job coming in third. If it were not for the clear cut points it would have been a terribly hard decision, from Jess M’s conquering her fear of heights to Courtney M’s overcoming the challenges that everyone in their 20’s must face, it was a wonderful experience to read everyones journal. I really felt like I took the journey with each one of you and have incredible new found respect for who you are. Finally, your BIG DREAMS pages were amazing! What wonderful philanthropic people we have in our camps with giant hearts. I am SO PROUD to know you, I could cry (and I did, a few times!)

Much love and equal respect, Coach Michelle

First place winner Alma’s has chosen Farm Sanctuary for her charity. $600 will be donated thanks to the giving loving support system we have at GÜMSABA! 
Almas points:
Journal: 30 points
Big Dream: 10 points
Exercise: 90 points (maximum)
Meditation: 58 points (only missed one day)
Volunteer: 45 points (maximum)
Total 233 points out of 235 possible – WOW! 

Alma is a dedicated athlete who is on the forefront of the bicycle access movement in Contra Costa County!