Hello Campers! We have some changes to the holiday schedule. See below and email me with any questions you might have. Wishing you all a blessed Holiday Season!

:) Coach M

Gumsaba Fitness Class schedule Tuesday 12/25/17 ALL CLASSES CANCELLED

Gumsaba Fitness Class schedule Tuesday 12/26/17

7:00AM Sunrise Los Cerros Danville Boot Camp – Coach James

5:30AM Sunrise SRVHS Danville Boot Camp – Coach Michael

7AM Sunup Lafayette Boot Camp – Coach Carrie

11:00AM Cytosport Advanced Boot Camp – Coach Briana (private class)

12:00PM Cytosport Cardio Flow Yoga – Coach Michelle (private class)

Gumsaba Fitness Class schedule Monday 1/1/18

8AM Sunshine Cardio Class – MVHS Danville – Coach Michelle (provided 10 people commit this class will run!) please CLICK HERE and put COMMITTED to the New Year in the comments box!