Many of you on vacation have requested some DIY workouts! I will be posting them thru the weekend. Heres one to get you started!

Warm up for 5 minutes with some dynamic movement and light stretching.

If you have access to a roller perform the 4 min ready to workout roll out

Part 1: ODDS n EVENS

Set your timer for 10 minutes.

On every ODD minute do 10 Front Squats with weight. Women 20-30lbs, Men 40-50lbs.

Every EVEN minute do 8 Burpees.

Part 2: TABATA 20 seconds HARD work, 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds. 

TABATA 1: Rope skip (modification is high knees)

TABATA 2: Low Plank vs Bicycles (do 4 rounds of each alternating)

Part 3: Run Hard

Run 1 mile for time.

Part 4: Iso Stretch

Hold pigeon pose for 1 minute each side.

Hold Hamstrings stretch for 1 minute each side

Hold Calf stretch for 1 minute each side (bend knee for 30/straight leg for 30)

10 Wind shield wiper twists.

Hold Chest Stretch for 1 min



Try to find a beautiful view for your DIY pleasure!!!