This months camper highlight goes out to Dana Cornelius of the Sunshine class! Dana and her mom Debbie are both Gumsaba members and have become a staple at 9am. As well, both of Dana’s kids, Bailey and Paynton, have joined the Teen Camp; they are truly a Gumsaba fitness family.

Dana has an incredible story… she is truly a bionic woman!

After suffering from a debilitating back injury at work; she had a tense unit installed in her lumbar spine, went through rehabilitation, and has jumped on the moving train that is GUMSABA like a true athlete. She has pushed herself to overcome her obstacles and make the most out of her boot camp hour. That, ladies, is what Gumsaba is all about.

We never let what we can’t do get in the way of what we CAN DO.

Dana is the pretty lady in pink, standing on the far left of the photo.

Dana’s can do attitude, jovial personality and all around fantastic spirit speak Gumsaba in every way. Congrats Dana, you earned this months BOOT CAMPER HIGHLIGHT!