How gorgeous is this weather, I’m just crazy about it! For those of you who came to class today you will enjoy reviewing all the reps you did! Today you all pushed hard and Im happy to tell you that I am truly impressed.

If, however, you missed out on class today, you can play a little catch up by doing the DIY. You will need your mat, weights and a 200m (.25 mile) run route.


20 Prisoner Squats – squat deep below 90 degrees keeping the weight in the heels. Bring your knee to same elbow, do not cross. Do 20 total, that would be 10 with RT knee coming up and 10 with LT knee coming up.

10 Lizard Push Ups – Basic push up, but knee comes up toward same shoulder. Do 10 total, that would be 5 with RT knee coming up and 5 with LT knee coming up.

20 Bavarian Lunges (This is the lunge we have done in class: with back foot elevated to knee height. You will from straight front leg to to lunge position with your weights in hand. Keep the knee in a vertical line with the ankle so that the weight stays in the front HEEL and does not go to the toe. this can cause knee damage. If you are unsure of this do 20 walking lunges holding weights).

Run 200 m and repeat whole sequence including the run.


20 Push Press – demi squat with weight pushing overhead

10 Navy Seal ups – don’t think i need to explain these, but from lying position sit up to RT bent leg, lie back down, sit up to LT bent leg, lie down, sit up to both legs. This is ONE rep. 🙂

20 Box jumps or step up with knee

Run 200 m and repeat whole sequence including the run.

Now “normally” this would be the end of the workout, but this is Gumsaba and normal is lightly used in our vocabulary.

The gumsaba news is, you are only half way through this workout, repeat the WHOLE sequence again for a total of:

Run 1 Mile

80 Prisoner Squats

40 Lizard Push ups

80 Bavarian Lunges (40RT/40LT)

80 Push Press

40 Navy Seal Ups

80 Box Jumps or Step Ups

Average time through was 33 minutes, fastest time was 30:29.