Some of the best workouts you will ever have, mark my words, are those you don’t feel like doing. This is simply because of hormones. When your body is low on feel good hormones, you will not feel like working out. But guess what working out does? Yep, it releases endorphins and gives you a nice pick up. The jolt from that lethargic state to that up state can be a great opportunity to give it your all, so low and behold, you end up throwing down a killer workout even though you didnt really feel like it! Our bodies are amazing, its a shame to take that for granted, so get out there and Make It Happen today, regardless of how you feel! Heres a DIY just in case you can’t make it to class. 😜

To your health, Coach Michelle


You will need a timer, jumprope and mat for this DIY.

Part 1: Warm Up – Dynamic: 10 reps each 1X

Calf Raises – Hip Circles – Shin Grabs – Squats – Butt Kickers – Ankle Grabs – Windmills – Sampson Stretches – Toy Soldiers – Scorpions

Jog 400M

Activation Band on thighs – 1X

10 R Side Step /10L

10 Squats

10 Clamshells flexed hip L

10 Clamshells flexed hip R

10 Supermans

Jog 200M with band on thighs focusing on tracking knees hip width.

Remove Band: 10Y each,  2X:

Side shuffle R/L –  Carioca R/L – Butt Kickers  – Hi Knees – Bound

P2: FP & ROM – 3X

30 skips on Jumprope

8 Overhead Squats with Jumprope

4 Inchworm Push Ups

2 Get Ups

P3: Interval Training – Medium Intensity

Set 1: 45 work.15 rest /switch – Perform 2X

Wall Sit


Jumping Jacks

Hi Plank – Add knee tucks in R2

Jog 400M

Set 2: 45 work.15 rest /switch – Perform 2X

Sumo Squat

Alternating Single Leg GBHE


Low Plank – Add Body Saw in R2

Jog 400M

P4: TABATA Core 

 Reverse Crunch vs Long Arm Crunch = 20 work/10 rest X 4 rounds

P5: Cool Down Jog 1 mile & Choose 2 of the following Self Myo Releases: 

Chest Release (for resetting posture) 

VMO Release (for knees)

Plantar Release (for feet)

Piriformis Release (for hips, low back)

spartan run

Preparing for a Spartan Beast means getting out before the sun to run on Sunday, even when you would rather sleep in…and of course it was totally worth it!


Gumsaba Outdoor Fitness Class schedule Tuesday 8/30/16

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9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens class – Coach Michelle – TRX Strength

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