I’ve got spring workout fever and I’m hoping its more contagious as the NASTY cold that has been floating around! You have all expressed that you want to get in great shape, stay in great shape, ect. The 1000 club will give you that extra caloric burn you are looking for.

See below are the March 1000 Club exercises. The Level One list (more difficult/advanced) and Level Two list (less advanced/lite).  Pick one or more and put your commitment in the comments section below as I did.  If you start tomorrow then you will need to finish by 4/1, but you can start any date of the month and finish on the following calendar date. If you have any ideas for other exercises to do, please talk to me before you start so that we can make sure you don’t take risk of injury.  I will be getting the videos up of these exercises tomorrow. In the mean time please only do exercises you are VERY familiar with and confident doing and remember the details from class.

Habits like breathing fully and correctly, pulling in your lower abdominal to support your back these thoughts need to be on your mind. Please remember to practice your 1000 club with FORM FORE MOST. If you are doing something 1000 times you don’t do it wrong! Sit into your heels in your squats, keep your chin away from your chest in your crunch, do not let the weight exceed into the front toe on your lunge; all of these elements and more need to be your focus. Don’t just go through the motions, do your 1000 mindfully to get the most of it.

Level One Exercises – Advanced

Double Toe Touch Leg Raise

Single Toe Touch Leg Raise

Lizard Push Up


One Arm Snake (500R, 500L)

Navy Seal Ups

Shoulder Push Up

Single arm Kettle Bell Swing (500R, 500L)

1 leg squat (500R, 500L)

100 rope skips per day

Chin Ups

Level Two Exercises: Intermediate/Introductory

Air Squats

Sumo Prisoner Squat

Kettle Bell Swing

Push Up

Supported Leg Raise

Knee Tucks

Mountain Climbers

Leg Scissors

Walking Lunges

100 rope skips per day

Double Crunch



Coach M