Mondays can bring the crazy. From that little thing you didn’t do on Friday that are now pressing, to making up for all the time spent at “leisure” on the weekend (by that I mean carting your family around!… Mondays can speed by a time lapse video. When things are chaotic, it becomes even more important to be mindful. When we rush, nothing good comes of it. Take an extra moment to step back and prioritize. Take a breath or ten. Realize you don’t have to get it ALL done right now. This one thought be the difference between being efficient or forgetting something that is actually important.

Look at what needs to get done this week, and then prioritize. Take mindful action to make things run smoothly. Choose NOT to do it all! Choose to do what is important and then, be okay with letting the other stuff go, at least for now. Letting go of things that don’t need our attention means they are not  dragging us down.

Remember, that health is more important than ANYTHING else. Commit to your workouts this week. Carve out the time. When your health is your priority, you are able to be more helpful and loving to others.

Reminder that the weeks schedule is posted on the client portal.

Wishing you a wonderful last week of March, 2017!

:) Coach Michelle

Summer yoga at the reservoir will enhance your mindfulness. Watch for sign ups in the April News!