Boot camp will tone you up, and change much of your fat to muscle, but if you want to shed pounds, you need to eat to well. You truly are what you eat. We’ve talked about non starchy veggies, and its important that you incorporate them into your diet in place of nutrient poor food choices.  In order to understand our performance level, and in turn perform at and feel our best, we need to look at what we are eating and how hydrated we are. This is especially important for those of us doing the Tough Mudder training. We will be pushing ourselves in hot, dry conditions so hydration and nutrition are going to be key to survival and success.




Here are the parameters of mini challenge 2: Your Food Log


• Keep a food log through the end of the challenge (6/22), starting TODAY.

• Use the attached sheet, or one of your own if you are already keeping one.

• Turning in the food log, regardless of its content, will earn you full points in this challenge.  Your food log must be complete and emailed or handed in on 6/21 or 6/22.


Click here to download: Weekly food log