Heres whats in store for today if you don’t make it…

and here’s the sunrise we should have seen today but didn’t because of the fog!

800M=1/2 mile


Run 800M

30 full sit ups with 1 weight, (press overhead at top of sit up)

30 good mornings or supermans on mat

Run 800M

30 box jumps

30 long jumps

Run  800M
30 Thrusters (full squat with overhead press)

30 sumo dead lift hi pulls

Run  800M

30 push ups

30 dips (sub tri press)

run  800M

30 Extended Leg V crunch (same as last part of Navy Ups)

30 Get ups

PART 2: Wall Sit 2 minutes

PART 3: Hold Plank to max time.

Please post your time both for the drill and for the plank.

Our fastest time on the drill this morning was Deb Grauman of Danville Camp at 31:25 and the longest plank was Julie Dudum of Rudgear Camp  at 4:00!

Great Job Ladies, see you tomorrow which is all cardio. Please bring mat but no weights needed.