I get really excited about Mondays, especially when theres a chance of rain… feeling so fresh and Novembery right now! Start this week with a nice cleansing sweat. If you can’t make it today then here’s a DIY to heat you up before you get cozy in front of the fire, hopefully to the sound of some rain!


Marcus and Michelle wish you an awesome November! 

Chip N Run

Part 1: Warm up with dynamic moves for 5-10 minutes

PART 2: ROM Alternating Tabatas

20 work/10 rest

Alternate exercises for 8 rounds (4 of each exercise) per set

Set 1: Skater vs Hi Plank Knee Tucks

Skip Rope 1- 3 mins

Set 2: Glute Bridge Hip Ext vs Prisoner Squats

Part 3: Doublet Chippers + total 1 mile run 

Each set you will chip down in reps. After completing the set run 400m as fast as possible. 

Set 1: 21/15/9

GB Chest Fly

Push Press


400M Run


Set 2: 16/12/10

Walking Lunge + Hammer Curl



400M Run


Set 3: 16/12/10

Split Fly

Get Ups (mod stiff Deadifts)


400M Run


Set 4: 21/15/9

Sumo Hi Pull

Triceps Press


400M Run


Part 4: AMRAP 8-10 Minutes

25 Ab Burners

20 SLOW Bicycles

15 Reverse Crunches

10 Side Plank Row R/10L

5 Dive Bomb Push Ups

30 skips on jumprope

Cool down Lap if time allows

Part 5: Static Stretch 30 seconds timed each side:

Thread the needle, Hip Flexor Twist, Shoulder twist.