Things don’t need to be fancy to be great. When the bell doesn’t ring and whistles don’t blow for that life changing accomplishment, don’t be shocked. Some of the most awesome moments in your life happen with happen with little fanfare.  No audience to witness the baddassery, to pat you on the back for your hard work. Just you and the breath of life and probably a little giggle. This, of course, happens for a damn good reason.

We walk others in this life, but when it comes down to it, we are on this journey alone. Here for each other for a hand up when we we falter, for advice to guide our way. What we eventually find is that we must forge a light so bright that we can have no choice but to pass it on. That is when we realize the greatness of our potential. We don’t even need to be there, but we shine on.

You are the light. WE got this. Chin up, onward and upward we RISE!


Love, Coach M

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The ladies of Gumsaba Running Club ran this weekend to help bring clean water to kids! #heros