Coach Michelle here! Just dropping the GOOD STUFF to brighten your MONDAY! Monday is my favorite day of the week – a fresh start, a new week to CONQUER after an amazing and inspiring weekend.

A group of our boot campers went out and supported a great cause, the run to End Human Trafficking! I love that our wonderful community gets out and supports one another. It brings tears of joy to my eyes to see these wonderful, joyous photos of our people doing GOOD. Thank you all for supporting such and important cause!

I had the privilege of marching yesterday with some fellow Gumsaba gals. Between coaching in the am and early afternoon, I still made it happen and Im so glad I did.  It was an inspiring and beautiful crowd; the signs, the music, the intention, the VOICES! Whether you agree or disagree with what is going on in our country right now, we can all agree that being American is an awesome thing. We have the right of peaceful protest, and that right has been hard fought and won by awesome people like Martin Luther King. I am thankful for every single person that has faced adversity earning important rights like these for us so that we can express our feelings and beliefs in a safe environment.

What a weekend. Let’s keep up the UBER positivity. Together we can make this WORLD a better place!

Love, Coach M