After finishing the juice cleanse I thought I would be sick of juice but the situation is quite the opposite. I have been craving the nutrition, so I went and bought a Breville Juice fountain! There are so many benefits to adding pressed juice to your diet and you can feel and see them almost immediately. I love this juicer because it is easy clean and I can put most veggies and fruits in whole because the spout is so large. Plus, it gets tons of juice out of what I put in it. I love having my fresh pressed juice for breakfast and after a workout. There is nothing more refreshing!

Here’s my post workout juice fresh pressed this am…

Michelle’s post run Press! (serves 2!)

2 organic pink lady apples

4 chunks organic pineapple

1 medium organic carrot

1/2 organic grapefruit

1/2 organic lemon

1 large organic cucumber

1/2 large organic red beet

1″ organic ginger root

1″ turmeric root

1 organic romaine heart

 Click here to read about the benefits of juicing care of Dr. Oz