In dark times, we must seek light. The events of nature and man have been beyond comprehensible in the past days and weeks. We often feel helpless and lost when we can not do something to make sense of tragedy. With so much to be sad about, we must actively choose to create joy.

There are kids in our own community that don’t have basic needs like new shoes. Gumsaba has partnered with Shoes That Fit to provide brand new shoes for Elementary School Kids.

Our chosen school is Fair Oaks Elementary in Pleasant Hill. 80% of these children are on supported lunch programs, so having a brand new pair of athletic shoes is not something they experience. Something a simple as new shoes can give a child much needed confidence and help them feel proud to attend school and also promote outdoor play.

Shoes that Fit won the 2017 California Non Profit of the Year award. This foundation is close to my heart because someone very close to me never got a new pair of shoes as a child. He wore shoes that were so small that he took them off during school because his feet hurt. He grew up in Walnut Creek.

So often we think that people in our community are doing fine, but its just not true. Helping someone like this can actually change their lives. It shows a child that someone they don’t even know cares about them, especially at a time in our world where they really need to know that unconditional love does exist. By giving, we send a message that love can drive out darkness, and this is just a small way that we can express our love for our community and help each other be our best.

From Shoes that Fit: Shortly after receiving his shoes, we heard from that school’s nurse. “He came to me with two dollars asking if he could donate the money so another family could receive shoes like his family did.”

That is the magic of giving. It is contagious. Lets make love and caring and compassion and empathy more contagious.

If you would like to sign up to purchase a new pair of shoes for a child this is how you can do it:

  1. Pick one or more children from the list below. Buy the size that corresponds to their name.
  2. Text or email me the name(s) that you plan to purchase for. If there are duplicates Shoes that Fit will warehouse them and get them to another child.
  3. Let me know hen you plan to bring the shoes to the gym. If I’m not there, leave them in the basket on the porch and text me. Chad or I will come bring them in right away.

Provided we have all 40 pair of Athletic Shoes, I will be delivering the shoes on Tuesday October 17th at lunch. We have two weeks to get this done. If you would like to join me for delivery I’d would really enjoy that. Let me know if you can!

In case you can’t read the jpeg below, click this link for PDF.

FairOaksList updated 10/10