Michelles Vegan Eggs Benedict (serves 2)


8 oz Firm Sprouted organic tofu (you can use un-sprouted but its not as easily digested)

1 cup large nutritional yeast flakes

Avocado Oil

2 Eziekiel Sprouted Grain Muffins

4 pieces tempeh bacon (buy it, or for homemade: slice tempeh thing and marinade in OJ, smoky salt and 1t maple syrup for a couple hours.)


Heated 1/2 cup almond milk

1/3 cup RAW cashews ( not roasted  – you must soak those overnight!)

1t+ fresh Lemon juice (to taste)

1/2 t salt

pinch of white pepper

pinch of turmeric

For the “egg”

Cut the Tofu into 8 , 1/4″ slices and coat it in nutritional yeast.

Place the tofu in the lightly oiled pan over med heat and let cook while you move on to step

For the “Tacon” (tempeh bacon)

Cook the Tacon on Med heat for 5 minutes.

Toast the english muffins.

While the eggz and tacon are cooking and the bread is toasting, make the sauce…

Put 1/3 cup raw cashews in a high speed blender (like a vitamix).

Heat the 1/2 c nutmilk until not quite simmering and put it in a blender over cashews. Add the salt, pepper turmeric and cover.

Blend on high, adding the avo oil and lemon as it blends. If the sauce is runny add more cashews. Blend until it is fluffy.



When done, the tofu should be golden brown and the bacon should be hardened up, but no totally stiff.

Assemble the english muffin, then put 2 tofu squares on each one. Cut each piece of bacon in 1/2 and put 2 haves on each muffin in an X shape. Pour on the sauce and eat with a fork and knife.