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Unleash your inner BADASS at the fast paced outdoor power hour that is GUMSABA BOOT CAMP!

Each workout is designed to leave you breathless, sweaty as hell, and feeling like a freakin’ SUPERHERO. Plus your membership fees help our local schools and parks. What could be better? Drop everything and SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE CLASS NOW!

Gumsaba is a healthy lifestyle brand designed to cultivate and inspire community through fitness. We are changing the perception of fitness to help people discover optimal health.

Gumsaba is a Washoe Native American word denoting the biggest festival of the year, the harvest festival, and translates literally to “We’re gonna have a BIG TIME!”

We provide comprehensive outdoor fitness programs for men and women of all ages. Our goal is to help people in our community find the joy in consistent exercise so it becomes a part of their lives… for life!

Scientific studies show that adults and teens alike benefit greatly from taking “recess” outdoors.


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