Hello Gumsaba peeps!

We are currently in the process of recruiting  for the Gumsaba Tahoe Ragnar Trail race on July 20-21 in the beautiful Royal Gorge area.

Katherine Dean will be serving as the team captain, so we need to recruit an additional 7 to round out our team of 8 total.

Everyone runs the same 3 loops and the same distance on this spectacular trail race. The total mileage is 16.2, broken down into segments of 3.3 miles, 5.8 miles and 7.1 miles.

This race is village based, meaning NO vans.  The campsites open on Thursday, the race starts at 8am on Friday and ends by Saturday at 6pm.

Cost is $165.46 per person for registration (includes transaction fee to register). The team also needs to supply 1 volunteer for a 3 hour shift or may choose to pay $120 extra to skip this obligation.

If you are interested, please click here and put RAGNAR TAHOE in the comments box as we would like to get this team registered soon!

Happy Trails! :)  Coach M