Hello Campers

I hope you are having a fantastic summer 2011!

Its been one year since the start of Gumsaba Boot Camp, and we hope that you
have found our program fits your fitness needs.

In order to continue providing the best service, we are changing the rate
schedule offerings, which will affect some but not all of you. Please read
this email thoroughly so you don’t miss out on getting your current rate
carried into our next fiscal year.

As of August 1, 2011, we will no longer be accepting “drop ins”. We have had
some requests for this during summer, and it is causing confusion with class
sizing and adding extra paper work for me!  As well, we feel it is not in our
members’ best interest to drop in, as our classes are high impact and require
a certain amount of consistency to avoid injury and be up on all the new
material we are adding in.

Starting September 1, 2011, Gumsaba will no longer be offering a 2 day/week
All current members will be offered the special rate of $150.
Gumsaba is, by far, the least expensive daily boot camp in the area. In order to continue
providing the service and the convenience of times and locations that we do,
we must charge this rate across the board. Look at it as incentive for you to get that
3rd day in!

As of September 1, 2011, our rates go up to $199 for new members.
You will continue to pay the pricing that you were originally quoted. The only way
this would affect you is if you drop out of camp and decide to come back. (injuries are
accepted of course).

Starting September 1, 2011, Gumsaba will no longer be offering
vacation discounts
The space in the class is valuable, and in
order to keep it, you will need to pay your full month dues even if you go on vacation.
If you are out of town for more than one month, we will hold your space for a fee of $75
(we will need to know this one week before the close of the previous month).

Please email or call me with any concerns so that I can address them
and make sure you feel that you are receiving the best service for your hard
earned dollars as well!


Coach Michelle & The Gumsaba Team

*Those who only attend the 6:30 T & TH class and attend no other classes
will continue to pay their current rate.