Gumsaba Go the Social Distance Relay!

Saturday February 13, 2021

The Gumsaba relay starts at 7am on Saturday February 13. Each leg is a half hour long, and each runner will receive their baton via group me chat at their exact start time.

Particpants will walk, run or bike for 30 minutes, attempting to cover as much ground as possible in the given time. Participants can use a treadmill, stationary bike or outdoors where social distancing is possible.

Immediately upon completion of their time, the participant will upload a selfie into our group me chat along with their distance traveled. Each runner will leave at their exact start time to avoid any delay.

Venmo $20 per participant to @gumsaba
All proceeds gathered will go to Save Mt. Diablo

We will send you confirmation within 3 days of sign up. You will receive a bib and number to print out by Feb 10.