It pains me when people punish themselves over a number. “I am X pounds overweight.” “I wish I was X years old.” “I still have X pounds to go before I am happy with where I’m at.” Realize that during all of this self criticism that life is passing you by.

How much does your soul weigh? How would the child in you respond to you beating yourself up? How would the aged you who has lived an amazing life respond to you feeling that you are old and wrinkly? Its time to let go and LIVE.

Not everyone is meant to get rid of every dimple and fat cell. No one can stop time.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE! And by the way, your SOUL is who I am talking to so tell the judgmental jerk in you to CAN IT.

Treat yourself like the awesome SOUL you are. Speak nicely to your SOUL. Get rest. Eat real food. Drink water. Plant flowers. Give hugs. Lift others up. Live life. Love every curve, every valley and every peak, every dimple. Accept yourself the way you are and you have taken the first step toward the person you are meant to become in this life.

Those who truly love you do it because you are a soul filled human, not because of how you look.  Shine on beautiful people. XO Coach M




Let your soul fly…a message from this amazing bird in my backyard today. Who happens to care nothing about what any of us think!