Today was Coreture day at Womens only camp, and their abs were screamin’, which always makes me smile. If anyone ever says that mat work isn’t effective for core strength then they have not been to my Thursday class! Congrats to everyone who got through this tough week so far, but there’s still tomorrow. 🙂

Todays workout:


Run for 10 minutes, repeat the following sequence two times thorough:

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

equipment: mat and interval timer

Gecko Low plank

Pincer Bug R

Pincer Bug L

Happy Dog R

Happy Dog L

Hi Plank Jacks

Flutter Kicks

Mermaid R

Mermaid L

V Crunch L

V Crunch R

Bicycle Hold ( do this exercise, but instead of going fast, just hold each side for 5 seconds and switch)

Big Rainbow R

Big Rainbow L

Cross Toe Touch sit up

Bridge Squeeze

Double Crunch


Please note: these workouts are for Gumsaba Boot campers who have learned these exercises in class. If you choose to try one of these workouts at home and have not learned the movements in class, you are at risk of injury and Gumsaba, nor Michelle Brown can take any responsibility. Your first class is free, so join the fun and learn how to do all of these exercises and more! Click here to get started.