Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be loved? Next time you feel hate, sadness or anger, ask yourself if you want a hateful sad angry life! Replace the feelings you have with thoughts of happiness and love. Apply this lesson the most deeply saddening and maddening times in your life.  If we have the capacity to love  times when we would rather be negative we find the awesome power of our higher selves. We find our SUPER HUMAN! A happy, loving life does not happen because you have a lot of money, a “perfect” body, a nice car or whatever. It happens when we practice happy loving thoughts and actions despite our circumstances, even when we don’t want to! It is human to have negative thoughts. It is super human to conquer those thoughts with love and happiness. It really is that simple. Wishing you a SUPER HUMAN HAPPY LOVING LIFE!

🙂 Coach M






Gumsaba Boot Camp Class schedule Thursday 1/23/14

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Womens only class – Coach Briana – Partner Cardio Slammer

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Mens only class – Coach Allen

6AM Sunup Walnut Creek Co-Ed class – Coach Jentry – Interval Training Base + Cardio Shot

9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens only class – Coach Briana – Partner Cardio Slammer