Your feedback is essential to the direction and growth of our little company Gumsaba. Please take a moment to help us by filling out THIS SURVEY. It’s anonymous, but you can always note your name in the last field if there is something you want to be contacted about. And just in case you aren’t able to make it to class today, heres a little DIY for your Monday! 

Met Con DIY!
Equipment: Weights, Mat, Jumprope, Band

Part 1:


10 Lateral Leg Swings R/10L

10 Wall Sit + Wall Slide

10 Wall push ups

Walking Lunge back to mat

With Band on Thighs: (can be done without band)


15 Supermans

10 Bear Squats

5 Inchworm Push Ups

Part 2: Full Rom Set – Perform 3 Rounds

10 Glute Bridge Hold + Fly

5 Sholuder Rolls

10 Bent Rows

5 Scapular plane raises

10 Sumo Squats

5 Burpees

50 Skips on Jumprope


Part 3: Metcon AMRAP 24 Minutes (goal: complete 4 rounds)

12 Thrusters

12 Walking Lunge + Hammer Curl

12 Stiff Leg DL

6 Diamond Push Ups

6 Renegade Rows

6 Get Ups

400M RUN 


Part 4: Perform 3 Rounds

6 Oblique Figure 4 R

6 Oblique Figure 4 L

12 Ab Burners

12 Reverse Crunch

24 Slow Bicycles

24 Mountain Climbers

Part 5: Cool Down Static Stretching: Thread the needle, Half Split, Chest Opener.

trx bootcamp

Super fun TRX Cardio at last Saturdays Boot Camp!


Gumsaba Outdoor Fitness Class schedule Tuesday 2/16/16

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Womens Class – Coach Michelle – TRX vs Kettle Bell

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Mens class – Coach Joel – Cardio TRX

6AM Sunup Lafayette Co-Ed class – Coach Jentry – Cardio TRX

9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens class – Coach Michelle – TRX vs Kettle Bell

11:00AM Cytosport Advanced Boot Camp – Coach Briana (private class)

12:00PM Cytosport Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Coach Jentry (private class)